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Presentation Topics

Hats!—A writer wears an investigators hat, a work hat, an editor's hat, and an author's hat. The writing process doesn't move in a straight line from one hat to the next. It's a circular process the writer moves through until completion of a project. Grades K-5.

What is Voice?— Understanding the elusive element that makes writing come to life. Grades 3-12.

Tapping into your story—Learn to use your life experiences to create a powerful emotional experience for your readers. Grades 5-12.

The Power of Poetry—Poetry requires writers to pay attention to the rhythm of language, imagery, structure, and emotion. Practice these writing techniques in poetry to increase mastery in other writing styles. Grades K-12.

Breaking into the Educational Market—How to target publishers with queries and proposals. Adults.

Other presentations may be tailored to your students' needs.